Hi! I’m Riley Paulsen, a wedding and event photographer based in Muncie, Indiana. I also take photos in East Central Indiana, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis.

My approach focuses on accurately portraying real life through storytelling that uses documentary and photojournalism techniques. I aim to capture moments over poses, much in the spirit of Barthes. I embrace natural light and shadow and don’t shy away from showing some of the “unpolished” day if it captures the right feeling. I value an image’s genuineness over “epicness.” Every photo should instantly drop you right in the middle of the scene.

In addition to weddings and engagement sessions, I am active as an event photographer for Ball State University and several nonprofits in the Muncie area, and routinely photograph for Indiana Public Radio. I have taken more than 87,000 graduation photos for Ball State’s College of Information, Communication and Media!

I am a long-time ally. LGTB+ Ally Bi Ally Trans Ally


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